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What @euniquejg said…#repost: “😳 Wait a minute, so a predominately Black cast makes it a race themed film?! GT*OH. Why is a predominately Black cast or films in general the headline lately? Movies with predominately White casts debut every weekend with no mention of race or lack thereof. 
Secondly, surprise success to who??? No Black person breathing is surprised by the success of Black Man Holiday, despite the low budget. I’m so happy to see us go from consumers to creators. Creating movies that tell stories that we can relate to. Creating television shows that we can relate to. Creating networks that depict images and stories that we can relate to AND feel good about. It should come as no surprise that our movies, television shows or networks do well. 
It just goes to show you how people count you out or better yet, they fail to count you at all if you look a certain way. It also proves that despite their assumptions, we have the opportunity to consistently prove the naysayers wrong time after time again. With a projected purchasing power of 1.1 trillion by 2015, I predict that there will be many more “surprise successes” to come. #blackmanholiday #tylerperry #willpacker #marabrockakil #ownnetwork #bet #tvone #centric #tdjakes #shondarhimes” via @InstaReposts
  • 17 November 2013
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